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GB WhatsApp is one of the leading WhatsApp MOD applications on the internet. A large number of people are using GB WhatsApp as their primary WhatsApp. On condition that you want to make use of GB WhatsApp as your primary WhatsApp. Then you landed on the right place. We are the genuine provider regarding  GB WhatsApp. Also on condition that you are new to the GB WhatsApp APK. Then don’t worry, we are here to help to recognized GB WhatsApp . Just be with us and read till the end of the article. You will know everything about GB WhatsApp before the end of the article. 

GB WhatsApp Overview

GBWhatsApp Overview

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular communication social media application. Currently, WhatsApp is aware of every person. For the reason is that each and every person is now using WhatsApp on their smartphone. Along with WhatsApp, they know there are many limitations in the original WhatsApp. WhatsApp is very useful but locks us with lots of restrictions. More than 5 billion people are using WhatsApp on their phone. Still everyone is eager for better and limitless WhatsApp. Also with the recent few updates, most of the people are concerned regarding their privacy on WhatsApp. WhatsApp promises us that they provide us end-to-end encryption on WhatsApp.

Regarding this problem, the best solution for all of us is GBWhatsApp APK. There are no such restrictions in GB Whatsapp like, Media sharing, Message Forward limit and much more. However, GBWhatsApp is already in millions of peoples phones, who want to enjoy their whatsapp beyond any limits. 

What is GB WhatsApp ?

What is GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is an amazing WhatsApp MOD, Which provides mind blowing features directed towards their users which are restricted or not present in original WhatsApp. It provides features to their users directed towards customize the look along with feel of WhatsApp user interface, add multiple accounts, freeze online status, hide double together with blue ticks, and share large sizes of media files. Also you can edit your messages, schedule your message and customize the screen of chat and homepage. You can set a custom message and auto reply facility in your WhatsApp by using the latest GBWhatsApp.

Information about GBWhatsApp Latest version

GBWhatsApp Download Apk

During the period of time on internet there are lots of WhatsApp MOD APK available still GB WhatsApp is the popular and famous WhatsApp. It is the first MOD that became popular around the world because of its exotic features. It provides next level options directed towards customize your WhatsApp UI and WhatsApp icon. You can easily make GB WhatsApp your own by coloring various elements in GB WhatsApp. Also, GB WhatsApp comes with many security and privacy features. Such as chat lock, app lock along with much more.

Features of GBWhatsApp APK

Features of GBWhatsApp

Features are the important factor which make GB WhatsApp unique from other WhatsApp MOD. There are unique features which GB WhatsApp provides by GB WhatsApp to their valuable users. On condition that you don’t know about the features of GB WhatsApp then be seated. Below we are going to share many important features of GB WhatsApp. 

Privacy Features:

  • Hide Online Status
  • Hide Blue Tick
  • Stop Typing Status
  • Free Double Tick

Security Features:

  • App Lock
  • Chat Lock
  • Anti-Ban

Media Features:

  • Share Video Up to 700MB
  • Share Audio up to 100MB
  • Edit sended message
  • Remove Forwarded tag
  • Animated Stickers Support
  • Upload Status up to 10 Minutes
  • High Quality Image Transfer

Customization Features:

  • Colorful Themes
  • Change App Icon
  • Modify fonts
  • Change Ticks styles
  • Change Ticks Color
  • Modify App Name

Other Features:

  • DND Mode
  • Auto Reply
  • Schedule Message
  • Swipe to Reply

Features Explanation



Hide Online Status – With the help of GBWhatsApp you can keep your online status secret. GBWhatsApp helps you to hide your online status. 

Hide Blue Tick – Blue tick is the indication for a message seen. You can hide this indication for your chat.

Stop Typing Status – You can stop your typing status in GBWhatsApp by simply turning on a tab of settings.

Free Double Tick – Double tick is the indication for a message received. You can freeze it in your chat. 

Always Online – This feature is useful for those people who have clients of their business on WhatsApp. You can show them that you are always online.

Security Features


App Lock – Now you don’t need to download any extra security application to protect your GBWhatsApp. It comes with inbuilt app lock features. Where you can set password, PIN, Fingerprints and pattern lock on GBWhatsApp.

Chat Lock – Here is the most important lock feature in GBWhatsApp. Where you can add an extra layer of protection on your important chats. You can set Password, Pattern, PIn and fingerprint lock to open any chat.

Anti-Ban – It is the feature which protects your whatsapp account from being banned. Anti-ban is the security feature which protects your account. Latest GBWhatsApp has an inbuilt anti-ban feature for their users. 

Media Features

Media Features

Share Video Up to 700MB – GBWhatsApp allows you to share a 700MB size video file to your contacts without compromising the quality of the video.

Share Audio up to 100MB – You can share 100MB size audio files with your friends and family. With GBWhatsApp you get more limits to share media files.

Edit sended message – With the latest update of GBWhatsApp you can edit your sended messages. You can correct your spelling and add emotions to your message by adding different emojis

Remove Forwarded tag – It is one of the useful features in GBWhatApp, Where you won’t see a forwarded tag on any forwarded message. GBWhatsApp removed this tag for their users.

Animated Stickers Support – With the old version of GBWhatsApp you were supposed to send only normal stickers and emojis. But with the new version of GBWhatsApp you are now able to send animated stickers.

Upload Status up to 10 Minutes – In normal WhatsApp you can upload a WhatsApp status up to 30 seconds. But with GBWhatsApp APk you can upload WhatsApp status for up to 10 minutes.

High Quality Image Transfer – Generally when we share any kind of images on normal whatsapp the quality of images got decreased. But with GBWhatsApp you can send high quality images without decreasing or compromising the quality of the image.

Customization Features

Customization Features

Colorful Themes – GBWhatsApp contains dozens of default colorful themes. Which will help you to change the look and feel of GBWhatsApp APK. You can use any theme from the theme store of GBWhatsApp and apply it to your WhatsApp.

Change App Icon – It is the next level customization provided by GB WhatsApp, that you can change the app icon of your GB WhatsApp. By changing the app icon you can confuse your friends to find GB WhatsApp in your phone.

Modify Fonts – GB WhatsApp comes with dozens of stylish fonts. By choosing any of them you can completely change the font style for your GB WhatsApp.

Change Ticks Styles – You can change the style of ticks in chats. There are various types of ticks available in GBWhatsApp.

Change Ticks Color – Alos, you can change the color of ticks in GBWhatApp. By changing the default colors of ticks you can shock your friends and stand out from the crowd.

Other Features

More Features

DND Mode – When you are in need of peace. You can simply turn on this DND mode in your WhatsApp. You will not receive any WhatsApp calls and message notification from WhatsApp.

Auto Reply – It is the best feature for business owners. Who has their client on WhatsApp. You can set any custom message in auto reply when someone messages you on WhatsApp.

Schedule Message – You can set a custom date and time for your message to be sent on your any contact. This feature is very helpful to send a reminder message or updates to WhatsApp clients or contacts.

Installation Guide for GBWhatsApp

installation guide for GBWhatsApp

Just as it is easy to use GB WhatsApp, in the same way the installation process of GB WhatsApp is also easy. You don’t need to stress out yourself to download and install gb whatsapp on your device. There is a very easy and simple process to install gb WhatsApp on your device. Just follow the below given step by step guide directed towards download and install gb WhatsApp on your device. 

Download GB WhatsApp

  • To download GB WhatsApp, scroll above and look of download button
  • After catching download button click on it
  • It will redirect you to the download page.
  • Where you can download gbwhatsapp easily.
  • At the download page you will get a direct download button.
  • Click on it.
  • After clicking on it, downloading will begin
  • To finish the download process it may take a few minutes.
  • It depends upon your network speed.
  • So, have some patience and let the downloading process finish.

Installation GBWhatsApp

  • While download is in process, check some important settings
  • Go to Device >> Settings >> Security >> Unknown Sources
  • Turn it on, if already on leave it
  • Once download finished, go to file manage in your device
  • Look for recently downloaded GBWhatsApp APK file
  • After finding GBWhatsApp APK file, click on it
  • When you click on it, it will ask you for the installation process.
  • Click on install button
  • It will start the installation process.
  • It may take a few seconds to complete.
  • After installation finished clicked on “Open” button



What is GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp is one of the popular WhatsApp MOD available for free. You will get some extra and extraordinary features in GBWhatsApp which are not present in official WhatsApp.

How to get the latest GBWhatsApp version?

There are several ways to get latest version of GBWhatsApp, but i suggest you to download it from

Is it safe to use GBWhatsApp?

Yes, GBwhatsApp is safe and secure to use. You just have to take care of the latest version. For the latest version you can check our site. Also, GBWhatsApp comes with an Anti-ban feature.

How do I get the original GBWhatsApp APK?

GBwhatsApp is readily available on the internet. Tons of websites are providing GBWhatsApp APK, But I suggest you to get it from a valid and trusted source such as – GBWAAPPS.COM

Last Words

GB WhatsApp is becoming the most downloaded WhatsApp MOD on the internet. Millions of people are enjoying GB WhatsApp as their primary WhatsApp. You can also be a part of it by downloading GB WhatsApp from the above download button. It has the true potential directed towards serve you better features together with communication experience. Hope you got the information you were looking for.

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